Critical Reflection 3

An understanding of how changes in technology impact on the way humans communicate, and the ethical issues that surround these changes.

Technology nowadays has just become part of our everyday lives affecting the way we listen to music, communicate with one another, read books and research. Not only have individuals become reliant on such digital communication devices but they have also started to rule our lives. If you go into a class of university students for example and ask who here owns a mobile device mostly all except the rare few will raise their hands, does this not highlight the issues we now face when it comes to the changing ways in how humans communicate?

Technology has always been and continues to be the greatest change agent of our civilisation (Nejjai, 2012), with a huge example being Social Networking. Nejjai (2012) stated that in 2012 Facebook had over 1 billion users monthly and if this site were a country it would be the third largest after China, which screams millions!

In this day and age privacy has become a huge ethical issue affecting all users of the internet relating to cyberbullying and the information that is used to cause such behaviour, the presentation of personal private information given out too easily such as YouTube blogs and dating websites and the ultimate abuse of privacy relating to sexting either being the sender or receiver (Herman, 2011). The constant changing and evolution of such technologies have allowed these issues to occur and have been both beneficial and detrimental in both individual and business lives. This highlights more clearly the ethical issues that surround these changes and what may need to be done in order to control them.

Ask yourself this, how often would I spend on my phone a day? and then think during these hours are you in the presence of friends and family. This is a classic example of the disturbance of face to face communication. I, personally am a ‘supporter’ of this claim and would spend at least 4 hours a day on my mobile phone which these days is considered a commonality. Other affects of communication due to changes in technology include emailing instead of handwritten letters, video calls on Skype and FaceTime and the use of blogs to share journeys and information individually or on a business level. To think how far technology has come to allow us to do so much is incredible however some may say that these drastic changes have resulted in the detrimental impact on the way humans communicate with one another, abuse of private information and the continuance of ethical issues.



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