Hey Guys!

Included below are some facts about me which I hope you enjoy!

In 2015 I took a Gap Year where I worked in a primary school in Northumberland,England and travelled around Europe in the holidays such as Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria. It is here where my love grew for kids, helping them through their education and sport and gave me a view of what my future was hopefully going to look like.

I was born in South Africa and moved to Australia when I was 5 with my family where we began our new life as Australians. It was here where i fell in love with the people, the beaches, the landmarks and was able to call it home!

My interests include sport such as netball, touch football and dance, my job and going out and socialising with my friends. I cannot stress enough the importance of the balance between work and social life as it offers you both an educational and healthy lifestyle.

In response to my blog, i am an avid user of digital communication technologies and have therefore put into words my personal experience with the affect, both positive and negative, it can have on me and the wider community.

Thank you for spending the time to get to know me, and I hope you all see a little bit of myself through my critical personal reflections.